Curriculum vitae

Research interest

My research has been focused on reversible protein phosphorylation of proteins and signal transduction pathways in developmental cell biology and cancer cell biology. Current work in my research group focuses on the elucidation of acquired resistance mechanisms as well as signaling rewiring in response to EGFR of HER2 targeted therapy in lung cancer or breast cancer respectively. By applying phosphoproteomics, proteomics and chemical proteomics we are currently capable of dissecting the complex heterogeneity of signaling changes that occur upon acquiring lapatinib (a HER2 inhibitor) resistance in breast cancer cells. In addition our technology allows us to study the myriad of signaling changes that occurs shortly after inhibitor treatment.  By combining cell type and drug combinations we try to investigate whether unifying resistance mechanisms exist which would potentially represent a common and targetable convergence point and, as such, a universal “Achilles’ heel” of resistance.